I Wonder What Would Happen If Instagram Removed the “Like” Feature?????


We live in a society based on “likes” and “follows”, but what would happen if one of those features were removed. What if Instagram took away the “like” button??? Would your personal stock go down??

It’s crazy enough that we measure popularity on how many “likes one gets from posting a photo of themselves or of a new material possession that they have acquired. It seems everyone else’s opinion of ours lives matters more than we think. If the like feature were removed I believe that the world would temporarily stop. Teenagers would frantically call on their Moms and Dads to explain and fix the malfunction. Celebrities would issue press releases, and the rest of the world would inundate Instagram with posts about What happen to the like feature and report a problem. Just as they did when Instagram decided it was time to clean up payed for followers, ghosts followers and spam accounts. Believe it or not the “Like” feature is powerful. It holds us under its spell.

No likes under a post sends many of us into a frenzy. We began to wonder if the rest of the world sees us as cool. 10 Likes we have improved and our lives are little bit more interesting now. 50 likes we have gained some traction and not yet have made it to the popular kids table. 100 likes we have now become a brand and the world sees us as a God or Goddess; but you haven’t reached Kim K or Beyonce status yet, so chill. There are over 70 million photos posted daily on Instagram. 2.5 billion likes per a day on Instagram. 8500 number of likes per a second and the biggest statistics of all 65% of images on Instagram will only received 0-10 likes. With that being said many of us will still have some work to do on improving our lives.

Leave a comment below and finish the sentence If Instagram removed the like feature….

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